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How to: Fly to Asia (or Europe) FREE

Ever wanted to visit Bali?  Or anywhere in Asia?  Or Europe?  Using the magic of credit card sign-up bonuses, you can!

A Balinese ceremony on Kuta Beach

Considering a ticket to Bali runs anywhere from $1000 to $2000, this is a sweet deal!

Basically, you can get over to Asia on Continental for 65000 miles if you go during any “non-peak” time.   This is how I’ve gotten to-and-fro.  How to get 65000 miles?  Well you could fly from California to New York (2461 miles one way) 26 times, or once every other week for a year.

Easier though it taking advantage of all the credit card signup deals out there.

Here is the rundown of the two cards you have to get.  You’ll end up with

Card One 50000 miles:  Chase Sapphire

The card gives you the mileage after you spend $3000 in 3 months.  So you have to be on your game a little.  You can send yourself a payment using Google checkout and you’ll lose 1.5% on it.  So call it 50,000 miles for a little work and $45.  These miles can transfer to Continental Airlines, which starting Jan 1st, will merge the miles with United.

Warning: I’d convert them ASAP as Continental might change their mind soon, as they are doing with the AMEX miles.

Warning2:  There is no annual fee the first year.  The second year they hit you with $95.  If you cancel it once you see the charge, they’ll either waive the charge or cancel the card and remove the fee.

Wasn’t that easy?  Since you need only 65000 miles to Asia, you just need 50000 more.

Card Two 25000 miles:  Continental OnePass Plus Card

Sign up for this one and you get 25000 miles on Continental after your first use.  Mine took about a week to post after the first use.

Other perks:

  • First checked baggage free
  • Two passes to their executive lounges (~$150 value).
  • Priority boarding
  • No annual fee the first year (but $95 the second)

So there ya have it, you now have 75000 miles on Continental.


While you’re at it, United has the same exact card, so apply for that one, get an AMEX Gold Rewards card for 15,000 more miles you can put on Continental. And I’ll see you in Asia!

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