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Indonesian Visa Run in Bangkok

Thailand and Indonesia - where to get a visa

Bangkok: The easiest place to get an Indonesian visa.


Indonesian Embassy, Bangkok.


Difficulty:  Medium

Visa length:  60-days.


  • Passport with at least one page available, and more than 6 months left on passport.
  • 2 passport photos.
  • Completed form (available there).
  • $55 cash US dollars, exact change (available across the street @ the jewelry store).
  • Proof of onward ticket within 60 days of arrival.  (Need one, see this post)
  • No bank statement or proof of money required
  • Copy of your passport front page.
  • Get there before noon to drop-off!
  • Check with Embassy website for funky Indo holidays that it might be closed, either for drop-off, pickup, or processing



Recommended:  You can get an agency in Khao San Road to do this whole process for you for about $10, plus fees.  They require all the same documentation tho (I thought maybe they could “smooth” it thru without onward ticket but not to be).   I decided to do it on my own and wish I’d just paid.  You’ll waste a half-day getting there and dropping it off, and another few hours picking it up.  Two round-trip journeys to the embassy costs about $4 and 4-6 hours on the bus, including walking to the bus from KSR and waiting.   If you’re down in that area anyway, I guess it isn’t a bad thing do to.


Note:  Be sure to get your documents and needed passport copies back in KSR as I had a hard time finding a copy place near the embassy.  Currency conversion can be done near the embassy easily, see below.


From KSR take bus XXX to the Electronic Mall called Phan Thip Plaza.  The bus stop is out by the democracy monument.  Use Google Maps to find it with this link.  It’s probably 45 minutes.  The embassy is on the same side of the road as the mall, down the road from the mall.  If you don’t have US dollars, just after the embassy is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the road, get.  Just on the other side of the road just after the bridge is a jewelry store that changes dollars at a pretty decent rate.  Be sure to get the exact change you need.  You might want to stop in the Embassy as you pass and pickup the paperwork to ensure the fee hasn’t changed.


Head back the Embassy.  Fill out the paperwork.  Take your package of the form, cash, onward travel document printout, and your passport.  Give to the desk.  They’ll tell you when you can come back to pick it up, usually 3-4 days, and only from 1pm-4pm.  There were probably 20 people in line when I was there, but most were filling out paperwork and stuff, and it didn’t take too long to get thru the line.

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