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About the WTD

“All those who wander are not lost”  -unknown

I’m a traveler.  A wanderer.

Travel is my passion.  I wander the world, always in search of something new, exciting, and cool.  Oh yeah, and the best deals!

I’ve been all over:  Africa, Asia, Europe, USA, South America, Central America.  Somehow it adds up to over fifty countries.  I’m not travelling to notch-out all the countries of the world (whoa, and some are!), what good is that?  Instead I’m doing what we all want to do in life:  live, love, and learn.  My motto is:  less is more.  So lets spend some time enjoying the places we visit instead of trying to join the “I visited every country in the world by the time I was 30.”

This site is my collection of what I’ve learned from my travels, research,  and wanderings.  I put it online to make the Travelers Network function just a bit better.  We’re all in this world together, so lets hang tight!

Got a question, just ask!  I promise to respond to all emails and comments, to the extent that I can.

I really believe the tips and advice in here will make your journeys more enjoyable.  I sweat the details so you don’t have to, right! :)

If you like what you see here, please let your friends or like-minded folks know about it.

Disclaimer: I make a (wee!) bit off advertising on here, including click-throughs on my product recommendations.  So if you’ve found my information useful, help me out by buying through my links.

Happy Travels!

Ryan the World Travel Dude


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