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Thailand Visa run in Bali

visit bali for a thailand visa run

Bali is the perfect place for a Thai “Visa Run”

Thai Visa Run, Thai Consulate, Bali


Difficulty:  Easy

Visa Duration:  60 days

Cost: Free, at least when i did it!


There’s no way to have a service or agent or mail-service do your visa for you.  You have to go.  Thankfully, it’s quite easy.  If you’re doing a BKK or Phuket visa-run, Bali has to be about as easy as it gets.

  • Passport with at least one page available, and more than 6 months left on passport.
  • 2 passport photos.
  • Completed form (available there).
  • Proof of onward ticket within 60 days of arrival.  (Need one, see this post)
  • Get there before noon to drop-off!
  • Check with Embassy website for funky Indo holidays that it might be closed, either for drop-off, pickup, or processing.  There’s always some Thai holiday.



There’s a Thai Consulate near Sanur in Bali.  If you’re on your motorbike it’s just a tad tricky to find, even with Google Maps. A taxi might find it just as tricky.   It isn’t actually on the main street, it’s on the north side of the road, but on this little side road that parallels the main road.  Coming from Sanur, you’ll pass this giant round-about.  Start looking off to the right for the Consulate.  It’s hard to find, but easier to find is a little food shack in it’s front yard.  I got there a bit late and the food shack guy must kinda work for the Consulate as he ran inside and got the guy.  They told me 3 days but I said I was leaving sooner than that and they told me to come back the next afternoon for it, so you can probably get it expedited.  No lines it’s wonderful.


Making Fake “Onward” Tickets


Getting visas is such a pain.  They make all these silly requirements just so they can sound official and increase their bureacratic workload.  Yes, I know, us Americans have ridiculous requirements and often still deny people entry.  I apologize, but at least they look at the junk.  Do you really think anyone looks at the airline ticket shit?  How many destitute Westerners are trying to get into Indonesia or Thailand?  Why make it so hard for those of us with money to get into your country?  The onward ticket is even more baloney.  With Air Asia and the like, we can buy tickets whenever we want, keeping our options open, perhaps staying longer!  I know, you want an assurance we won’t just stay forever.  In that case, why not ask for proof of money instead?


It’s even worse because when I go to Thailand or Indonesia, I get the visa with the expectation of extending it.  Once I showed my actual return ticket at the Embassy in Vietnam and they guy said, “you know your ticket is after the end of your visa.”  Oops, I played my hand too loose.  He was OK with it, but somewhere, someone is going to care.   So how do I get the visa easily when even my valid return ticket may raise questions I don’t want to raise?  After all, if they deny the visa, they still keep the cash!


The solution is to make a fake ticket.  In these days of E-tickets, this is oh so easy.  If anyone has any stories of this not working, let me know in the comments!  I’ve only heard of it not working one, which I’ll detail at the end.


Procedure to make a fake ticket


  1. Get a ticket you already have.  I use AirAsia tickets I’ve already used.
  2. Print out the AirAsia ticket as a PDF.  Easy on a Mac, it’s down in the bottom-right of the print window.  It’s also easy to do in Chrome
  3. If you don’t have OpenOffice, download it.  It’s not small, probably 300mb.  If you’re an Internet Cafe Warrior, find a PDF to Word conversion tool on the web.
  4. Download this plugin for Open Office:  “PDF Import Extension” and install in Open Office.
  5. Boom, now you can open the PDF in Open Office and change any details you like.
  6. Go to AirAsia and pull up the flight you are pretending to take out of Bali.  The Bali-Phuket one is an easy one if you need one.
  7. Change your booking number.
  8. Find out the price, flight number, and times.  Put into your fake ticket.  Remember that AirAsia bills the currency using the departure country so change currency type accordingly.


Print it out and you’re set to rock and roll!


Some Notes:


This trick works with anything from the Web you want to doctor up.  Flights, trains, bank statements, proof of employement.  Enjoy forgery!


I know a very blonde Russian gal that took a fake Air Asia ticket to Singapore as part of her visa run.  I guess Russians aren’t allowed to stay in Singapore and she used her ticket to show she was in transit.  The customs folks scanned it and found it was a fraud and made her buy a quite expensive ticket to actually get outta there that day.


I wouldn’t believe for a second that Embassy staff checks the tickets for validity.  On some airlines it looks like with your name and confirmation number you could look up the ticket.  On AirAsia it doesn’t look like you can do this without a password.  The exception to this might be if you’re going to the US.  I imagine they might check, or say, hey, lets log onto the website so you can show me the ticket.


Yes, you can always buy a full-fare ticket and refund it.  If you do this, pick a reputable airline, that isn’t AirAsia.  I’ve heard only horror stories of people trying to get money back from AirAsia, they’re great at keeping profit in their pocket.  If you have frequent flyer miles, you can put an award ticket on hold and the confirmation looks a bit like a ticket, tho it doesn’t have a ticket number, etc.


I’ve had no issues with AirAsia tickets, but I’m sure the embassy gets most of their tickets from AirAsia.  In fact, if anyone could become good at spotting fraud, it might be them.  They’d notice if you have an older-style confirmation if the new ones are different, etc.  So I think I’m going to change my tickets to something a little less popular.  Jetstar, or perhaps just United or something, where the formats are always different.


Has this worked for you?  Have you ever had some faked paperwork not work?  Let us know in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. michael

    Hi! thanks for the great info! I was just wondering how safe do you think it is forging all the necessary documents (Flights, bank statements and proof of employment) to obtain a Chinese visa for the first time?…I’m French by the way!

    • theWTD

      Well China can’t verify any of those documents, so its nearly impossible for them to know its not real. That’s why its all so silly, the things can be faked and they really can’t find out. If they determine for some reason they are faked two things can happen: 1) they can deny your visa or 2) they can ask you more questions when you get there. Up to you to decide if its worth the risk. Try to imagine the “visa” processing department of the embassy – you think they do anything? They might scan everything and keep it on-file but they don’t have time to screen everything and look at it.

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