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Home Need a USA Sim Card or Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan?

Need a USA Sim Card or Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan?

Getting your GSM mobile phone working in the United States isn’t nearly as easy as it should be. Coming from abroad? Ship one of these SIM cards directly to your hotel, see the note below.

I go home back to America once or twice a year and have found the perfect solution to get my iPhone up and running. I buy an H2O Wireless GSM SIM, and I love it. The five cents a minute is about the cheapest around.  I spend around $10-$25 per month when I’m at home using this plan. There is usually wi-fi around so I don’t bother with data. The $25 monthly plan with 80MB of data is a fantastic deal. Recommended.

H2O Wireless is a Great Value

H2O has many advantages:

  • Cheap. It’s the cheapest prepaid in the US.
  • Data-Only plans available
  • International Calling: Most plans include (some) free international calling to 53 different countries. This is great for travelers! See below for countries.
  • No Contract. It’s pay-as-you-go.
  • Number Choice: You can pick your phone area code.
  • Service Quality. It runs on the ATT network, one of the nation’s largest.
  • You can use “locked” iPhones from AT&T on their network.  Got an older iPhone you want to use, maybe for one of your kids or as a backup phone, but don’t want to sign a contract?

You buy the SIM card and then you can select from several different plans.

  • The Five-Cent Prepaid Plan: This is true pre-paid. Every minute you use or you send/receive costs five cents. The plan includes long distance. If you are around good WIFI and have a Google Voice account for SMS, this is probably all you will need. The plan has data as well for $.30/megabyte, which is expensive but its great if you need it in a pinch. This is all I need when I’m at home.
  • Monthly Plans: Starting at $25/month for 1000 (2.5 cents each) minutes/SMS and 80mb data. Unlimited minute/SMS plans start at $40 (20mb data), $50 (500mb data), and $60 (2gb data).
  • Data-Only Plans: These aren’t a great deal, $50 for 1GB, $15 for 100mb.  You’re better off getting the voice plans.
  • Unlimited Data: If you buy their $100 USB plug or $150 router, you can get unlimited internet for $50 a month.
  • See chart at the end for the plans.

How to Get an H2O Wireless SIM

I sell the SIM cards for $5 each. That’s $5 less than H2O sells them on their website. Activation is a snap. All you need is the card number, a credit card, and an email address.  You activate the card online with H2O wireless, choose your number, choose your plan, top-up with a credit-card, pop that SIM card in your GSM phone, and you’re going. Ongoing, you can buy credit online, or even at some stores in the US.

Coming to the USA from abroad and don’t have a shipping address? No problem. Have this SIM card waiting for you when you arrive. Just have it shipped to your hotel or a friend. Hotels will typically hold mail for guests, just put “GUEST: YOUR NAME ” as the shipping name. Some upscale hotels may charge for this. It’s worth checking. Shipment takes 2-3 days so you have plenty of time to book your hotel and buy the card.

Be sure to pick the SIM card you need. Most people need the regular SIM, but iPhone 4/4S requires a microSIM, and the iPhone 5 requires a nanoSIM.

Buy Your H2O Wireless SIM

Choose your H2O Wireless SIM

See below for more detail on the plans. Questions or comments? Just leave a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as I can.


H2O Wireless Pre-Paid Minute Plans:

H2O Wireless Monthly Unlimited Plans

Included International  Calling

Compatible Phones

Phones supported must be GSM phones.  Frequencies supported are GSM 850/900/1900, dual, tri, or quad-band handsets.

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